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A+, Kamilia ♥. I mainly blog screencaps of lines from dramas and movies. No more Seungna :( I also love Jennifer Lawrence's gifs.

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Kindergarten trip.

Photo taken at Hong Kong Disneyland around January 2014.

I guess my heart belongs to you now.


Someone should sub this. It was so funny.

At 2:37, the interviewer asked Joon, express your current state/look through a song.

Joon: *CF song* 좋은 느낌~ (it’s a brand name). Ops, what was that? It’s a CF song right? Sorry.

Interviewer can’t stop laughing.

Joon: What advertisement was that song from?

Interviewer: Woman’s product.

Joon just understand the situation.

He just sang a CF song from a sanitary pad advertisement.

Joon: *so embarrased* How did I know that? Don’t misunderstood me. I didn’t know the CF. I only listened to the song.

Hahaha. So funny. Innocent Joon :)

This is the link to the CF:

Without the proper care, there’s no beauty.

Without beauty, there’s no boyfriend.

왜 나한테 약속햇니?

You’re really got to stop stalking me.

I’m not going to hurt you.

I think you’re going to be very good for me.

It’s okay to stop waiting.


For almost every day last month Malaysian artist/architect Hong Yi (who often goes by the nickname Red) created a fun illustration made with common (and occasionally not so common) food. Her parameters were simple: the image had to be comprised entirely of food and the only backdrop could be a white plate. With that in mind Yi set out to create landscapes, animals, homages to pop culture, and even a multi-frame telling of the three little pigs. The project, which still appears to be ongoing, has been documented heavily around the web.”